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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on children and death

"It's understandable that it's very, very sad to lose a child. But parents need to know that their are children who have to pass very few tests, learn very few lessons, and teach a lot of unconditional love, and then they can graduate. And, to me, death is a graduation." Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. from "We're Almost Home Now".

Audio excerpt of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Death of a Child This very sensitive and moving video weaves together the stories of 6 families who have each experienced the death of a child along with the wisdom and knowledge of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Both families and professionals will come to understand more about the bridge of life, death and the healing process as this famed professional brings a message of hope to everyone.
"Beautiful, informative but with a ray of hope as Kubler-Ross speaks about a difficult subject in a a realistic and informative way."

...Kathee Rose - NAU Cline Library Media Services

Award: Gold Plaque Award - Intercom '93

We're Almost Home Now
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