Between Now and Forever

For those of us who remember when we were spirits,
Who remember that we are spirits,
We understand we are on this spirit journey,
The circle of life which starts in the spirit world
And which takes us back there.

Chief Noel Starblanket


Rites of Passage

To everything there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under heaven:
a time to be born and a time to die...

Ecclesiastes 3:1


The Angel Picture (framed) $30.00*

The Angel Picture (unframed) $10.00*s

The Angel Picture

Jason Briggs was diagnosed with AIDS when he was three months old. At the same time, his parents learned that they too were HIV+ -a terrible shock to a young family who had everything to look forward to. After passing through a time of almost overwhelming grief and despair, they made a decision to live each day to the fullest and give Jason all the love they could in the time remaining.

Jason spent much of his life in the hospital but the time came when no more could be done and his parents took him home to die where he could be surrounded by the many people who loved him. Christmas was celebrated early and the photograph which came to be called The Angel Picture was taken by his grandmother that evening, just a few hours before he died.

His parents, who did not see the photograph until after his funeral, were the first to notice the tiny wings on his back and since then The Angel Picture has brought comfort to hundreds of people.

The Angel Picture has been made into a 8-1/2 x 11 laser printed poster with the following quotation, "Every visible thing on the earth is put in charge of an angel"--St. Augustine.

It looks great framed and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who believes in miracles and even those who don't. It comes with an article called The Story of the Angel Picture and like the videos and other posters, helps support the work of Rites of Passage.

Please do not try to copy The Angel Picture. It is copyrighted and was given to Rites of Passage by Jason's family. Rites of Passage provided home care and other services for this family on a goodwill basis for several years and in return they allowed us to produce and sell the videos that tell their story and to reproduce and sell the Angel Picture.

For more on Jason's story, see AIDS Videos and A Letter to Parents Whose Child Has Died.

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