Set of 8 Notecards

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These cards were created especially to help support Between Now & Forever, our traveling, multimedia project on loss, grief and transcendence.

They serve well as an expression of sympathy or comforting note as most of the messages and images come directly from children and adults who have faced death themselves. With their striking images and inspirational words, the cards also make beautiful gifts and are suitable for framing.

The card with the balloon picture and note to "Dear Mr. God", the "Summerland" card and the card with the verse from Evermore are all from young children who died: last messages for their parents but an inspiration to all of us, a ray of hope when we face death ourselves, in our family or among our friends.

The "Beach photo" card is particularly relevant to those who have lost a parent especially a mother and the card with the message to "Cherish Each Day" is from a mother whose child was killed in a car accident, a formula for living each day to the fullest. "Spirit Jorney" comes from a Canadian First Nations Chief, his words reminding us of the Circle of Life "which starts in the spirit world and which takes us back there".

The other two cards: the man with the cowboy hat and the woman with the sun hat contain messages from the "wisdomkeepers", those who have lived a full life and have come to understand and appreciate all the seasons of Life.

On the back of each card is an explanation of the meaning and/or how it came to be.

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