As it is in Heaven

an interview with
Dannion Brinkley

with music by
Andreas Vollenweider

"We are not from here, we are from there
and all we do is just go home"

Filming this interview with Dannion Brinkley was to experience being in the presence of love-and not some phony imitation of love either, but the real thing which I felt as a combination of joy, humor, warmth, openness and the simple, straightforward truth about life and death.

For me, it provided an opportunity to ask of one who has died and returned, such questions as "What is it like over there?", "How does it feel to die?", "Why is there suffering?" and "How can we live through these times that are so often frightening and unsettling?" As It Is In Heaven answers these questions and many more.

Illustrated by images from our own lives-hospice patients we have cared for, beloved family members we hope to meet again when it comes our time to cross over and places we have traveled -it is interwoven with the incredibly beautiful music of Andreas Vollenweider. We hope it brings you the peace, inspiration and love that it brought to us as we worked to produce it.

~ Cindy Pickard, coproducer

About Dannion Brinkley

Dannion Brinkley is a near death survivor and the author of the international bestseller, Saved by the Light as well as its companion, At Peace in the Light. He is the cofounder of Compassion in Action, an international organization which places volunteers with the goal of providing companionship in the last months of life. He lectures at universities and forums worldwide and lives in South Carolina.

Our very special thanks
to Andreas Vollenweider for allowing us to use his music-some of the most beautiful music ever made. For more information, please visit his website at www.vollenweider.net.

coverAs it is in Heaven
An Interview with Dannion Brinkley

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Produced for Rites of Passage by Cindy Pickard
Andy Pickard, Rainmaker Productions
Music composed, arranged and produced by Andreas Vollenweider from Kryptos
original publishing: AVAF Music, Switzerland
sub publishing worldwide excl. Switzerland: EMI Music Publishing
running time: 29 minutes