Between Now and Forever

Excerpts from the Exhibit

The moon was down, the dark, predawn sky strewn with stars from side to side, and I knew I was ready to close my communication with Breck. I stood outside ...and I shouted at the top of my voice, "GOODBYE, BRECK!" There was no echo. The sound of the shout just went up and out... "I MISS YOU..." This traveled away from me, too, off to find him. "BUT I'M GOING ON NOW!" "I LOVE YOU!" I didn't realize then that I'd never forget that moment, and the sound of my voice fading away... It was dramatic, and it was really letting go. Really accepting this hole in my heart and starting to go on with the rest of my life.

- Michael Whitman (whose son Breck took his own life)


A few minutes passed and I told her,"Wake up honey we're almost home now" and immediately we were hit... she was still asleep and I hope and pray, I like to think that, she went from this life and just woke up in another life.

-Mary Locke (whose 8 year old daughter, Jessica was killed in a car accident)

I had a dad for 10 years and 6 days. He was on the line of duty on 9/11/01.

He went into the Twin Towers to save people. We had some great times together....We laughed and talked. He is my ultimate hero. I never thought I would lose him... but I guess the Lord has it all written in His notebook who's going to die.

-Matthew Rogan, whose father Matt, was one of the firemen who died on
September 11, 2001