Today we will talk about life. We will talk about death. And we will talk about love. All are really different facets of the same thing. -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD

Jessica's Story Trailer

Rites of Passage, originally called AIDS Care and Assistance, is a non profit agency which was founded in 1988 with a mission to provide services for terminally ill patients, as well as to offer education on AIDS and on death and dying. Our philosophy and our work have been greatly influenced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross who taught us that, "In our most anguished moments may reside the greatest of gifts - not only for ourselves but for the world." Our own unique contribution has come through our use of art, film and photography. Through these mediums, we have been able to communicate our vision, as well as the teachings and wisdom of our patients, to a worldwide audience.

The Giraffe Project